Turbo Headers

Our headers are purge welded which means absolutely no contamination in the welds! Made of .109 stainless steel they are 69% thicker and stronger than any other header on the market! The main flange is 3/8 thick = solid support and the spigots for the head are a perfect fit!
Price: $1250.00 - $2250.00
Inside view of the pipe
Closeup of the merge.
Prostreet header installed on bike showing how much room you will have using our 1/2 offset clamps and a simulated short neck(notice how far the fork tubes extend above top clamp).
This is a custom header I am building for the GT35R and T3 turbine housings. Even with the GT35R 1.06(BIG) turbine housing with v band discharge the centerline of the shaft will sit 1 inch above the top of the oil filter and if your using our prostreet offset clamps youll have approx. 1/2 inch of clearance to the tire using the 16 inch front wheel combo.
3/8 thick main flange and a custom turbine inlet flange will be made to match the incoming runners.This is the baddest header available for the Busa. Built on custom basis only.
Center of the shaft sits 1 inch above the oil filter.