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Motec M800 Engine Control Unit

Motec800 ECU

The M800 is our flagship Engine Controller. It is capable of 8 High Flow injectors in sequential mode operation like the M48. It has 8 auxiliary outputs, 10 auxiliary Inputs and 1Mb of logging memory. Unused Ignition or injector drives may be used for additional output features. M800 offers 2 Lambda inputs which allow control of the Air Fuel Ratio Bank to Bank. The M800 is the first ECU in the industry offering the fully variable cam control option and Drive by Wire. Twin Turbocharged Big Block Chevrolets have produced over 3300 Horsepower using the M800 for precise fuel delivery. Advanced Functions are standard and include Traction Control, Anti-lag, Gear Change cut and High Low Injection.

Price: $5209.00 with wide band activated and logging