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Motec M400 Engine Control Unit

The MoTeC M400 is a powerful Engine Management System offering sophisticated controls for today's highly evolved engines.


Motech - M400Offering four injector drivers and four ignition outputs, the MoTeC M400 is ideal for running sequential injection and multicoil ignition systems on engines up 4 cylinders, and is well suited to twin rotor applications.
Developed with high performance road cars and racing enthusiasts in mind, the M400 and M600 deliver an extensive package of standard features including; a 32 bit microprocessor, Narrowband Lambda control, and eight auxiliary outputs for functions such as 3D boost control, nitrous injection, intercooler spray bars, shift lights and warning alarms to name a few.
Optional features available include; Traction Control, Gear Change Ignition Cut, Variable Cam Control, Drive By Wire throttle control, Wideband Lambda sensor* and Data Logging.
Using MoTeCs Windows based ECU Manager software, the new M400 system combines the advanced technology of our top-of-the-line M800 series with an impressive package of standard and optional features.
NLR is your source for MoTeC engine management systems.

M400 Pro Kit:

  • M400 ECU
  • 4 channel ignitor
  • wide band enabled
  • logging enabled
  • advanced tuning enabled
  • com cable
  • lambda sensor
Price: $5750.00 for kit
(Additional pressure sensors are $145.00 each. )